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What we do......

We create stunning photographic portraits of your dog and offer a wide range of frames and albums, perfect for your style of living.

We are based just outside of Trowbridge and as well as covering all of Wiltshire, I also cover  The Cotswolds, Dorset, Devon, Somerset and quite often, further afield.

Where are we?.......


If you decide to join one of our many happy clients, you won't be thrown a USB with tons of images on, you will be getting a highly professional and bespoke service from start to finish. You will also be the proud owner of some stunning professionally handcrafted wall art and other photographic products, created by some of the best artisans in the business.

Not only will these last longer than most digital files, they will WOW and impress any guests you invite into your home and they will carry on doing so for years to come.

What to expect when you book a photo shoot.....

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The service.....

With our help and guidance, choosing the perfect way to display your photographs in your home is straightforward and stress free.

We will guide you through the many different display options and I will spend time with you, making sure it fits perfectly with your home Decor.

Whether it is a traditional frame you are after or something a bit more modern, with the aid of my computer software, you will be able to visualise it on your wall before you order.

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Why do I do it.......

The answer is simple! I've just combined two of my lifelong passions,

Dogs and Photography.

It's not just that which makes up my business though, I pride myself on giving my clients what they deserve for choosing me, which is nothing but the best! 

With my years of experience with dogs, I will capture them looking natural and relaxed, I will also put their welfare first at all times and when I see a dog getting a little unhappy or stressed, we'll stop the shooting and have a little fun.

Why should you do it...

A successful portrait session is an investment of both time and money, so it’s important to make the right choice for yourself.


For our clients, pets are cherished family members. They’re loved to the moon and back and receive only the highest standard of care. They even, somehow, get away with stealing two-thirds of the bed!

My clients are also discerning, appreciating quality not only in the images we create, but also in the stunning artwork that results. If you’re ready to join the club of delighted clients, you can start the ball rolling by clicking on the button below.


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What's the investment?

Signature session

 Planning Session.

Full Portrait Session up to 2Hrs.

Viewing/Ordering Session.

Online Shareable Gallery.

 20"x16" Framed Print or,

£400 Product Credit.

5 Social Media Digital Images.


Bespoke session

 Planning Session.

45-60 Minute Portrait Session

Viewing/Ordering Session.

8"x6" Fine Art Print.

Get Access to a wide variety of 

Professional printed products