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December 4, 2019

How better to reward your dogs unconditional love for you than treating them this christmas. Here's a few ideas if you are still looking, that your dog will love and consequently, bring a huge smile to your face too.

10. Pawsecco/Dog Beer.Avoid those puppy dog eyes maki...

March 12, 2019

Well, in short, the answer is............they're not, and I'll explain why using this lego castle! (Which I built for my daughter, not myself. Honestly!)

"Why on earth are you using Lego as an example to explain why printed products are so expensive?" I hear you ask....

January 31, 2019

Firstly, hello and a very belated welcome to 2019! I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and New Year.

 I look at this image above and I think, I just can't imagine this scene with these lovely people viewing images on a tiny mobile screen. There's definitely somethi...

November 7, 2018

Since moving to Wiltshire in July this year), it didn't take me long to fall in love with the small historic town of Bradford-on-Avon.

October 17, 2018

Firstly, I don't think I have ever classed myself as a "wildlife" photographer. For starters, I don't know about, nor have studied a great deal about any of the wildlife that I've ever photographed. Secondly, my equipment is great....for people though! My longest lens...

October 15, 2018

 After recently changing my profession from full time musician to photographer, I thought it only right that I write a blog on some of my past shoots, photographing musicians and their performances.

Firstly, in my opinion, whether I have an instrument in my possess...

October 15, 2018

 Ah, Autumn! I absolutely love this time of year. The sun is not too high and overpowering, the colours are becoming more beautiful and it's not too hot so everyone feels a lot more comfortable.

The first chance I got to go an explore some local woodland...

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10 Christmas gift ideas your dog will LOVE!

December 4, 2019

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October 17, 2018