Early Autumn walk in the woods.

Ah, Autumn! I absolutely love this time of year. The sun is not too high and overpowering, the colours are becoming more beautiful and it's not too hot so everyone feels a lot more comfortable.

The first chance I got to go an explore some local woodland came the first weekend of October. My wife had commissioned me to capture some images of my daughter and one of her dolls who just happened to have matching dresses. So, armed with camera, assistant (wife), child and doll, off we went to see what we could capture.

It was a glorious day and very warm for October, which was good as my daughters dress was a very summery one and wouldn't have done much to keep her warm. As for the location, it was perfect! Not only is it on my doorstep, it is also not so big you have to walk miles to get across, making it a lot easier to find the perfect light, anytime of day.

The only issue I have in woodland is green! as a primary colour it can be very overpowering in an image. But if you can find the right light and use it right, you can get some stunning black and white images. For the above image, I positioned my daughter in a spot of sunlight breaking through the trees and with her back facing the direction of light, used a reflector (a large white surface) to bounce light back on to her face.

Through the centre of the woods there's a clear strip of land which when we got there, I thought perfect for some shots of my daughter running and some portraits standing up.

For the image of my daughter running, I positioned myself low down on the path and again, with the light behind her, got her to run towards me with my assistant holding the reflector just off the right hand side of the image. Sometimes these images take a couple of "takes", but this time, I managed to get enough good images from the first go.

This is always a great thing to do, especially when children start getting bored, to introduce something fun into the proceedings, (of course after I have checked the route for trip hazards, sharp objects etc. Safety is always my main concern on a photoshoot!)

It also gives so much more to a final product, introducing some motion and energy into what would be just a collection of static images.

I also stopped at this point to get an image of her standing giving her doll a cuddle. My first intention here was to have her looking at me but on this particular day, she was very tired and not as "poseable" as I'd hoped. But children are children and you have to go with what you have got so I got this shot and moved on to outside the woods. This way, I still got a beautiful image and then a nice break whilst having a short walk where my daughter could just have a bit of fun without a camera pointing at her.

Once we got out of the woods, I spotted a nice patch of tall wildflowers which placed nicely, would create beautiful Bokeh in front and behind my daughter.

The little specs of out of focus flowers creates a lovely bit of subtle, out of focus interest in the background.

So now it was time to bring the shoot to a close. From just 30 minutes of walking around we managed to get lots of different, beautiful images, some of which I'll be putting in frames and the others will be going into a beautiful photobook I do every year. On that note, I'll leave you all with an image of how my daughter looks after telling her we are now going to get an ice cream!

Well it's bye for now but if you would like to keep in touch and not miss out on any of my blogs then you can subscribe to my mailing list. I hope you all have a wonderful Autumn and if you want it recorded in beautiful images like these for your family, then please do get in touch.

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