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Since moving to Wiltshire in July this year (2018 if you are reading in the future), it didn't take me long to fall in love with the small historic town of Bradford-on-Avon. Not only for its aesthetic appeal, but for photographic reasons as well. Yes, the town itself is hugely photogenic but I've also found it an amazing place for portrait photography too.

Wherever you go there's always something useful to use to add interest to an image, weather it's something to lean on, sit on, stand on/under etc etc........ you get what i'm saying by now. The best thing though, all the hugely varied locations are all really close to each other meaning in a couple of hours or less, I can create a huge variety of beautiful images, especially with a whole family and that also includes breaks for drinks and snacks during the shoot.

This picturesque town really comes to life in the autumn too, the colours when I went the other day were so beautiful and I'm sure they're only going to get better over the coming week or so. Which I will go back for unless it's raining like it is outside now as I'm sat on my computer. However, I'm sure the place looks just as beautiful in the rain.

I'm also guessing this town is full of wonderful, friendly and honest people too as just after I took this next image, my car/house keys must have fallen out of my pocket onto the grass. (which is probably what she is laughing at!)

It wasn't until about half an hour later that I realised (panicked) and had to start tracing our steps back to look for them. Thankfully, we eventually found them in the middle of a field. Phew! However, "find the car keys or we can't have dinner" was a great fun game to play to break up the photoshoot a little bit! Actually, it was more like "sit on a log and watch daddy frantically crawl on the floor looking for something" game.

Anyway, lesson learnt, put keys in a safe zipped pocket! I bet you didn't expect to learn such valuable life lessons as this on my blog today did you?

After the panic had died down it was onto find the next location and a nice little bridge to frame my daughter with an added frame behind in the wall of the building in the background. Now I love it when I come across a frame within a frame, it really adds strength to the composition of an image.

Once I got the camera angles to my liking, it was just a simple case of positioning a 4 year old in the right place. Or not so simple as it turns out! As I was crouching in the most awkward position possible (getting the right camera angle is not necessarily the most comfortable) about ten metres away, I soon came to realise (again) that pointing to my left saying "move a little bit that way" means pirouette, pointing to the right means, sit down, look down at the stream below to try and find some fish and putting my hand on my head in despair means point at the guy with the camera and laugh! Thankfully, I remembered that if I add "and I'll buy you some sweets or a healthy alternative" then all of a sudden, my directing becomes clear!

It was then time to bring the shoot to a close. The light was going, my daughter desperately wanted me to take her to the park as I had promised earlier and I was getting fed up of checking if my keys were still in my pocket every minute.

There was still a couple of opportunities to take advantage of the beautiful soft light that a slightly overcast Autumn afternoon creates, and of course........

........if whoever I'm photographing picks up a dandelion and they're about to blow it, then it's definitely an opportunity not to miss!

On a slightly different note and I really don't like talking about this in November but, yes.........Christmas is on it's way! Why not treat your loved ones or even yourselves to a beautiful framed image of your family enjoying one of your favorite places. Or even let me help you create a stunning photo book as a wonderful gift for your family to enjoy for many years to come. Please do get in touch soon as I have limited slots available and deadlines are approaching if you do want some beautiful products to give as Christmas presents. Alternatively, if you are not in a rush then please get in touch to discuss how I can create lasting memories of your family for you to enjoy and share with loved ones.

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