What makes Prints charming!

Firstly, hello and a very belated welcome to 2019! I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and New Year.

I look at this image above and I think, I just can't imagine this scene with these lovely people viewing images on a tiny mobile screen. There's definitely something special about opening a book full of beautifully preserved memories. This image was taken at a ruby wedding anniversary so the photos in the album are forty years old. Now, even if some of my personal and family images (thousands!) which are on my hard drive and mobile phone make it through forty years without degrading, become damaged or lost, I'm not sure what file formats will or won't be obsolete by then so viewing them could possibly be a bit difficult. However, I can be certain that in forty years time you won't have to upgrade any software in your own eyes to view an album of cherished memories that can be easily pulled off a shelf without switching anything on. Then upon opening your stunning, hand crafted in Italy, photo book, as if by magic, the images are there instantly!

I thought as I was writing this Blog that I'd have a look through my box of old photographs, many dating back to my early teens. I have to say that it was so nice just sat there holding them and looking at them sat at my dining table with a cup of tea instead of making my eyes tired staring at a screen after spending nearly an hour searching through endless files to find them. I will say at this point though that unlike the corner of one of my photo albums, a small Jack Russell Terrier can't chew a digital file so they do have at least one advantage.

The products available nowadays means that there is absolutely no excuse to not get your digital images printed out. With my photography, you can get all your images printed out into these beautiful, photo books, handcrafted in Italy.

They're so beautifully made and are always on hand for you to look at and pass down to future generations, long after any of the digital files have disappeared somewhere. Alternatively, get them framed or turned into a stunning piece of wall art. There is a huge range of options that I could guide you through so you can have a hugely impressive, timeless image of you, your loved ones or whomever, hanging on your wall, ready to amaze all your friends and family that visit over the coming couple of centuries. (did I mention that prints last a long time?).

So! What are you waiting for? (ok, you might be waiting for the weather to improve, but apart from that), book a portrait session with me and let me help you present and display your beautiful images how they're meant to be displayed. You'll end up with your most cherished memories preserved at the highest quality for future generations to value and enjoy!

So, what makes prints charming? Well, apart from the quality of products I provide, it's because of their longevity, the fact you are holding and looking at a physical object that will never need any software upgrades to be viewed in the future and lastly, the sheer sentimental value that it will hold for your future generations.

So it's bye again for now but if you would like to keep in touch and not miss out on any of my blogs then you can subscribe to my mailing list. I hope you all have a wonderful Autumn and if you want it recorded in beautiful images like these for your family, then please do get in touch.

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