Why are your printed products so expensive....?

Well, in short, the answer is............they're not, and I'll explain why using this lego castle! (Which I built for my daughter, not myself. Honestly!)

"Why on earth are you using Lego as an example to explain why printed products are so expensive?" I hear you ask.

Well, here's the answer.

Whenever we are out at the shops and we're looking at toys, I always look at the Lego sets and wonder why they are so blooming expensive! Sometimes over £100 for a box! Crazy isn't it?.............

After contemplating this on the last day completing the above fortress, I realised, for what it is, the price is justified. Most of the bricks in the foundations of this castle date back to the early 1970's, possibly a lot earlier as I remember playing with them in a big box of Lego that my grandparents had at their house. In fact, all throughout this castle, there are bricks older than I am. (In case you are wondering, I'm thirty-ten this year!)

On the flip side, there are also pieces that we bought about a fortnight ago for my daughter at a Lego discovery centre. The fact they all fit together still, amazes me. Cheap imitation Lego doesn't fit together properly and couldn't be trusted to uphold the strength of the ornate supporting features of this stronghold.

As I was sat on the floor last week with my daughter, amongst thousands of pieces of plastic that have been cursed many times over the last forty years for ending up being under someone's foot, it evoked wonderful memories of building endless creations, either at my grandparents house or with my parents at their home where I grew up. It really did put a huge smile on my face. Also the likely fact that maybe in another thirty to thirty-ten years, my daughter will be going through the same delightful emotions whilst building things with her own children.

So in conclusion, I don't think Lego is really expensive at all, I see it as an investment that, if looked after properly, will give generations to come so much delight and provoke wonderful memories from their childhood. I haven't come across many toys that can do that. Which is exactly how I see the printed products that I provide after a photo shoot. The framed images I sell are professionally produced to last. They won't warp or come apart like so many cheap frames will do. Everything is stuck together using acid free, non-corrosive materials and along with the photo books that I offer, they will last to provoke all sorts of beautiful emotions in your future generations. (Long after any digital file could ever do!). Considering all these wonderful facts, the money you pay, is just a small amount for a huge and very special investment.

To find out if I can help you create some beautiful, timeless images of you and your family, why not book a free consultation with me where we can discuss all the many options with no obligation. Alternatively, please subscribe so you are the first to hear about any upcoming offers or deals for my portrait photography.



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