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Firstly, even though it's nearing the end of February, this is my first Blog of 2020 so, Happy New Year!

One of the most common worries I hear from clients, especially if we're going to do a photo shoot outdoors is, "Our dog is not very good off the lead".

Well, thankfully, I have Photoshop!

On any of my photo shoots, safety is my main priority! Even if your dog is well behaved and not likely to run off, I'm much happier having the dog on a lead. Unless we're in a completely secure area, there's always a risk of out of control dogs coming up or other unexpected things happening. This 8 month old Lab was very well behaved and very happy to sit or lie still, but there were a few squirrels around so just to be sure, we had her on a lead.

I even photograph my own dogs on leads outdoor.

This is Terry, he is a rescue who we've had for about three months now. Even though his recall is now very good, we were out on a mountain in wales and he's never (to my knowledge) seen a sheep before. It's much easier spending five minutes photoshopping the lead out than spending hours looking for him, or worse, after he's ran after a load of sheep!

It's always the responsible thing to do to have your dog under complete control. Sometimes it even improves your dogs responsiveness to commands as knowing they're on a lead, they concentrate more on you than what's around. (However, that's not always the case!).

Again, I'd much rather spend the time on photoshop removing a lead, knowing that your dog and everyone else around is safe. Just to note, the lead is not used to pull your dog into a position or pose, it's purely for safety.I even use leads indoors for some dogs.

So if you'd like a beautiful portrait on your wall of your best friend outdoors, then there's absolutely nothing you need to worry about! I never judge people on their dogs behaviour either, there's always a way to capture your dogs personality in a safe way, however far your dog is with its training. Plus, I find the naughtiest dogs are easier to work with than some children Haha!

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P.S. Sometimes (in a safe place), they need to be off the lead to get the shot you want! (Unless you are Usain Bolt!)

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