10 Christmas gift ideas your dog will LOVE!

How better to reward your dogs unconditional love for you than treating them this christmas. Here's a few ideas if you are still looking, that your dog will love and consequently, bring a huge smile to your face too.

10. Pawsecco/Dog Beer.Avoid those puppy dog eyes making you feel guilty while you sit down on the sofa with a glass of your favourite tipple. Treat them to their very own celebratory beverage. Don't give them too much though as they'll probably end up joining in a game of charades with you.

9. Kong toys. Definitely our favourite for our dogs. With a variety of sizes available to suit all dogs, these toys are great for so many things from helping to relieve boredom and separation anxiety to making a little treat go a long way. These strong toys are a must have in my opinion.

8. A Pampering day in a Spa. Yes!!! Why not? And while your beloved pooch is getting the luxury treatment, why not treat yourself to a spa day too.

7.Fitbit for Dogs. There's been so many occasions that I have met a dog out on a walk and it's looking anxious because it has no idea how many steps it has done or what its heart rate is. In all seriousness this is a great tool if you want your doggy to be in tip top shape. You could even share how far they've run on their instagram page.

6. Christmas Jumper. After all, your dog is your best friend, it's your favourite family member. Get them a Christmas jumper as they deserve to look ridiculous at this time of year too.

5. A Ball. Ok, your dog is probably going to have a good selection of balls but hey, this is where they differ from humans, if they get something they already have they are just as happy and appreciative! Getting them another ball is only going to make them love you more!

4 Another Ball. (See No.5).

3. Dog Treat selection Box. When they run into your room at five in the morning, jump on your bed and start licking your face barking "WAKE UP IT'S CHRISTMAS AND THAT MINCE PIE I STOLE OFF THE PLATE YOU LEFT OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT IS ABOUT TO EXPEL ITSELF FROM ME SO I NEED TO GO OUTSIDE!" you can then give them the traditional selection box full of healthy treats whilst the other humans in your family get their (probably not so healthy) ones.

2.Luxury Accessories. Your dog is guaranteed to love fashion as much as you do so why not treat it to a new collar from somewhere like Tiffany&Co. At just under £300 they are a bargain and while you are there you can treat them to a new dog bowl for around £150. If you get them something like this your dog will love you more unconditionally than they already did and will repay you with kindness for the rest of your life.

1. And last but not at all least, A Doggy Photo Shoot Experience. Treat your amazing and beautiful canine family member to the gift that lasts a lifetime. (which always breaks my heart when I think of it, as a dogs lifetime is far too short). That means remembering them with beautiful professional photographs is so important. With my doggy portrait sessions, your dog and yourself will have so much fun and you'll both get to choose from lots of stunning images at the end of it all and with a good range of products to display them, you'll be completely spoilt for choice.

To find out if I can help you create some beautiful, timeless images of your doggy, why not book a free consultation with me where we can discuss all the many options with no obligation. Alternatively, please subscribe so you are the first to hear about any upcoming offers or deals for my portrait photography.


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