10 Proven ways to pick you up on the most miserable of days!

After getting home from the school run this morning, soaking wet and feeling like getting on my knees, looking up to the skies and just screaming at the dark grey clouds to just stop raining, I followed these ten steps and lo and behold, I was completely energised to be productive, forget about the weather and horrible viruses and rush up to my office to write a blog!

The best thing about these methods is that no matter how often you do them, they don't lose their effect. So here we go, follow these steps and I guarantee you will have a wonderful day!

No.1:- Go up to your dog/s.

No.2:- Sit down with them.

No.3:- Give them a whole load of love and affection, spend time stroking their head and just feel that stress and miserableness disappear.

No.4:- Repeat step No.3

No.5:- Repeat step No.3

No.6:- Repeat step No.3

No.7:- Repeat step No.3

No.8:- Repeat step No.3

No.9:- Repeat step No.3

No.10:- Get up and get on with the day knowing that you feel on top of the world and can conquer anything that life throws at you!

If you don't have a dog then I apologise, I can't help you and I hope you cheer up soon. If you only have a cat, by all means try it but it probably won't work as you'd only feel even more subservient to your cat!

On a serious note, this is exactly what I did this morning and it did work!

Have a lovely positive day,


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