What better way to come out of lockdown!

The sun was shining, it was a beautiful morning, I had just about found all of my equipment (after being stored away over lockdown, the only thing I couldn't find was my camera harness! Thankfully I remembered that fact throughout the morning and didn't just let go of my camera thinking it was secured to me.).

Then, along came Nelly!

Now, I've never really been a small dog type of guy (last time I said that about 16 years ago, I ended up coming home with a Jack Russell! Who was AMAZING!) So, apart from Jack Russell Terriers, I'm not really a small dog type of guy. However, after meeting Nelly, she has just added the Chihuahua to my list of small breeds I like!

I could tell straight away that Nelly was going to be a delight to photograph and once I had remembered what the buttons did on my camera, we were off shooting.

So armed with beautiful light and a gorgeous, extremely well trained dog (that's always a bonus but never a necessity), we created some stunning portraits, occasionally having to move the odd bit of long grass from obstructing her face.

After panicking the night before, getting nervous if I still knew what I was doing after not shooting anything for three months, Nelly made the whole morning very easy and relaxed for me. She had a ton of wonderful expressions and her fur just looked stunning in the early morning sun.

Also, being an owner of a Lurcher, I sometimes forget how fast small dogs can run! I was nowhere near prepared for the first go at the running shots.

Of course I did manage to capture some great action shots like the one above, obviously delighted in the fact that her Mummy is calling her!

Anyway, thank you again Nelly for making my first session back after lockdown, Perfect! Well done again for winning the Dog of the Month too, you thoroughly deserve it!

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